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Plastic Photo ID Badge

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Full Color Frame Name Badge

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Printed or Blank Paper Badge

We offer custom name tags for corporate or special events.

We can laminate your paper name tags or provide a plastic holder.

Your Employees represents your business’ public image, so they deserve everything they can get to create a professional image.  Employee ID cards are perfect for any business, both large and small companies.

Employee Photo ID cards help to increase security due to the magnetic scanning strips on the back of the cards, can make clocking in and out easier, helps to simplify scheduling, and makes transitions for new employees better so other people can put a name to their face. Employee Photo ID cards benefit not only your business and it’s employees and customers as well. Customers will be put at ease if they are able to identify each person they are working with, and will make the transaction feel more personal.

Did you know you can save thousands by simply outsourcing your photo ID cards to Beez Printing in Northridge? Don’t be fooled into buying an expensive ID machine to use in house. These machines are not like your home printer – they require maintenance, calibration, and expensive supplies. Did you know a simple print head can cost you from $500- $1000? You’ll find yourself settling for lower quality cards and a headache by making photo ID badges yourself. Let our professionals save you money, headaches, and provide you with the absolute highest quality photo ID badges available.

We use a high quality over the edge printer that will exceed you expectations.  Order your name badges from us, our graphic design team can create a professional Employee ID badge for your company. Call us today!